Nachandupatti Temples

Pillayar Kovil 
Sivan Kovil

Perumal Kovil

Near this village is a small hill temple called Malaiya kovil (literally means hill temple). The temple is two-storied in structure, with the base dedicated to Lord Shiva and the top floor to Lord Muruga. Thaipusam is an important festival celebrated here which attracts a large number of devotees.

During the Pallava regime, they carved temples within hills/ mountains. One such Siva temple found in Natchandupatti is MALAYAKOVIL.

The name of the Lord over here is`MALAYALINGASVVAMY'.

Later a temple for Lord Muruga was built up by Nagarathars a top the mountain temple.

Lord Vairavar located here is considered to be very powerful.
Thai Poosam is a famous festival in this temple. During Thai Poosam people perform Annadhanam.

Also we can see Kavadi by devotees, Thotti-Kattudhal for new born babies etc.,
There is a total of - 720 Pullis in Natchandupatti covering people from 5 Nagara Kovils (Pillayarpatti,Vairavan Kovil , Elayathangudi, Ilupakudi, and Mathur).